Historic Marquette Preservation Staircase

“It was a very complicated job to rebuild a 100-year-old stair case. Architectural Building Arts figured out

how to repair the staircase without having to replace any of the old materials for new materials.”

This historic home, registered in 1860 and located on Madison’s east side, has been witness to many years of life. However, the original railings on the stairs leading up to the second floor bedrooms no longer meet current safety codes and have become quite unstable after years of use. The railings, which once showcased intricate woodwork and craftsmanship, were in need of repair or replacement to ensure the safety of residents and visitors alike. As the home is a registered historic property, any modifications or restorations must adhere to preservation guidelines and maintain the integrity of the original design. In order to address this issue, we took a careful approach that focused on combining historical preservation and safety standards. The results were gorgeous and the client was very happy.

Photography Credit

Joe De Maio | www.demaiophoto.com