Vilas Bungalow Remodel

A historic redesign with a big picture approach

This Vilas Neighborhood bungalow is one of Madison’s first and is designed by a female pioneer of this vernacular style, Cora Tuttle. The impetus for the project was to replace a historically unsympathetic kitchen with one that befits the character of the house. However, in doing so, we realized that the design required a big picture approach and careful thought about how the kitchen related to the rest of the house, as well as the outdoors.

The decision to move the kitchen to the other half of the room was made with caution. It was historically important to both the interior and exterior perspectives to preserve the bands of windows. This dictated that there would not be much space for upper cabinets. However, the obvious advantage is its strong sense of openness and connection to the beautiful wooded lot. With careful analysis of the cabinet space that this approach would allow for, and with the addition of some pantry cabinets the adjoining room, we determined the change to be the best approach.

The remodel would not have been complete without addressing the 1970’s exterior aesthetics of the garage, in addition to taking care of some delayed maintenance of its roof. Thus, a stucco treatment was added with pilaster and cap details, planters were incorporated, the garage doors replaced and the entire deck rebuilt.

Photography Credit

Zane Williams Photography |

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