Feasibility Consultation

We want you to feel comfortable with our first steps in the remodeling process together. Initially, a consultant will discuss your remodeling project scope and investment expectations with you over the phone. If it appears that we are a good fit for each other, we will meet at your home to continue a discussion about the project you have in mind. At this time, you will be presented with a design and pricing agreement. There are three phases to this agreement: Concepts, Schematic, and Final.

Conceptual Design

Once the design and pricing contract is signed, we begin the concept phase. The designer analyzes areas of your home that are pertinent to the remodeling project. From there, they meet with you to discuss your needs, living patterns, and dreams for your home, and translates all this information into two or three designs that will be presented in the form of computer-generated renderings. Preliminary estimates accompany each design.

Schematic Design

Upon agreement, we move to the schematic phase. The designer synthesizes ideas presented in the concept phase into a single plan and focuses on design details and product specifications. With this defined scope, our team meets to develop a more refined estimate. At this point, if the design and estimates feel good to you, a salesperson often offers a commitment contract that secures your place in our production schedule. This allows the design process to continue without setting back the construction date. If there are zoning requirements, our team generally begins the process for approval after the commitment contract is signed.

Final Design

Upon agreement, we move to the final phase of the design contract. Our team produces a fixed price proposal with associated plans and specifications for the remodeling or renovation project.


When the construction contract is signed, a detailed construction schedule is generated and our team meets with you to discuss construction logistics. From there, we begin the process of building your dream. Schedule your consultation today and let’s get started!