From playrooms to man caves to entertainment rooms, the basement has transformed from a storage facility that might be where you do the laundry to a functional living space where you find yourself spending more and more time. Basement remodeling isn’t new and it isn’t a “fad.” Rarely do you see a home in our area that hasn’t seen its basement remodeled in some way. The process of transforming your basement into a spacious, bonus room in the house isn’t something we take for granted, though.

Designing a finished basement requires what some might call “childhood imagination.” Just imagine remodeling the basement into a family movie theater, or an adult play room, or an indoor playground for the kids! This bonus room isn’t confined to spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. The basement is your oyster!

We have created some tremendous bonus rooms with our basement remodeling team. Please click on the thumbnails below and get your imagination flowing!