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It’s easy for some remodelers or builders to call themselves “green.” As a “green building company” or a remodeler using “sustainable design practices” or “sustainable construction”, we don’t just throw these words around as catch phrases or buzz words. Since we began remodeling homes, we have kept in mind the simple fact that we were, in effect, recycling homes. Our focus on ecological consciousness is part of our fabric. We don’t think twice when it comes to efficient insulation detailing, ongoing efforts to reduce waste and control run-off during construction, construction and materials that have a longer life cycle, and the use of no- and low-VOC finishes.

There is a truly holistic view when it comes to green building and design. Because we do both sustainable design and construction, when you ask us about recycled and sustainably produced products, as well as other energy efficient strategies, we can answer honestly and offer efficient strategies to enhance the comfort, appearance and value of your home. green building kitchens madison wi

  • Energy: increase levels of insulation in walls and attic, insulated windows that are strategically oriented for passive heating and/or cooling, sun-shading via overhangs or deciduous trees, high-efficiency appliances, furnace, and lighting
  • Water: high-efficiency appliances and fixtures
  • Resources: building reuse, construction and waste management, high recycled content, local/regional materials, rapidly renewable materials, and certified wood
  • Indoor atmosphere: low-emitting materials, thermal comfort, and daylighting
  • Site: solar access, erosion control, sensitivity to existing vegetation (especially trees), xeriscaping (native plantings that absorb potential run-off and require little supplemental watering)

green building exteriors madison wi ABA is proud to be a member of the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance, and a participating contractor in The Green Built Home.

Architectural Building Arts is proud to be a participating contractor in The Green Built Home.

We also recognize the impact that the building industry has on our community and environment and are proud to contribute to the following local organizations:

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